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Elpizo prides itself in providing quality training and workshops that help equip the team of your organization to put forward their best. Below is a list of some of the program topics we offer.

Emotional Intelligence

Build strong relationships at work to get what you need. Understanding and effectively expressing Emotional Intelligence (EI), will help you and your team be more productive and efficient. Gaining EI skills will help you with conflict management, stress reduction and collaboration.


Confidence, communication and credibility are the three foundations of leadership. This course will help you tap into your inner leader, strategies, and techniques to gain respect, communicate
effectively, and get results.

Interpersonal Communication

As a leader in your community, it is important to know how to influence and communicate effectively with your team. Problem solving and team integration to the success of any organization. Learning how to communicate and overcoming resistance is the first step to a successful team.


How to turn a “no” to a “yes”! Understanding what makes people tick and why they react the way they do is the foundation of Influence.

Strategic Thinking

As a leader, innovation, quick thinking, and forecasting are all skills that are integral to the success of any industry. Gain planning tools and techniques that will help become an effective strategic leader.

Conflict Management

Looking at conflict as an opportunity is the first step towards a successful resolution. Building relationships, understanding different levels of communication, and having self awareness are all integral steps towards conflict management.

Confidence-Building Skills for Women

Learn assertiveness techniques and communication cues that can be used at work and in life. Using different communication techniques helps you send the right signals to get the response you want.

How to Flex Your Style

Become a better communicator and build relationships; all you need is first to understand your own style and then to understand your listener. A comprehensive look at DISC and how understanding its ins and outs will open up opportunities as well as diffused conflicts.

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Vanessa V. Special Education Assistant

I have had the honour of working with Elpizo Training & Consultancy for 6 years as they've helped build and facilitate programming within Maplehurst Correctional Facility.  The participants in these courses rush to join the sessions when the facilitators from Elpizo arrive. The facilitators have the ability to capture the audience's attention while hearing each individual's needs. They truly are exceptional trainers.

Dr. K. Khaled Mississauga

I have used Elpizo Training & Consultancy for corporate seminars where they introduced my staff to methods of understanding each other and managing clients. Elvis is a gregarious trainer. I recommend them fully.

Sridevi R. VP of Finance

I wanted to provide some feedback on the totally brilliant Assertiveness skills and soft skills training I attended last year. Having the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without any prejudice… really appreciated the flexibility. It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. Elvis and Ruth were very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the whole training to my individual needs. The experience with Total Success from start to finish was faultless.

I highly recommend Elpizo for its very well organized workshops, which not only address the common challenges faced by all career-oriented professionals but also provide the meaningful tools and the systematic approaches to tackle the challenges. All workshops are led by the expert instructors who contributed highly valuable insights from their own professional experiences.

Joan Grant-Browne, R.N.

Elpizo Training & Consultancy offers diverse training in a variety of areas. The options are diverse enabling you to choose a flexible program that enables you to learn more about a particular interest. Whether you are a community member or you are looking for professional development, Elpizo Training & Consultancy is the one for you. They provide the participants with relevant up to date training. The trainers are experts in their fields and they are fun and captivating. As a front-line worker, I learnt and gained a lot of tools and knowledge from their training.

Steve V. Firefighter

Elpizo Training & Consultancy came to our fire station and trained us on recognizing the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The trainers were patient and engaging. They answered all of our questions and by the end of the training, we all felt empowered and had the resources for moving forward.

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